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4 cavity Twist-Up Jumbo Pencil Mould with case fitter


4 Cavity Twist-Up Jumbo Pencil Mould with Case Fitter
Perfect for cosmetic lip pencils or for thick eye pencils.


For professional quality makeup use any of our moulds. This mold is made out of high quality Aluminum for durability and, with care will last a lifetime.

The case fitter is for the professional placement of the product into the pencil. It is quick and simple to make cosmetic pencils and, using our base or one of our bases, make it fail safe and economic. Pictured is the mould The mould is simple to clean and disassemble. I recommend cleaning it by wiping down with an oily cloth. If you do use water make sure it is thoroughly dried. Keep wrapped in cling film when not in use.(fits our twist up jumbo pencils)
This mould includes a case fitter for a professional removal of the lip pencil into the empty twist up pencil.


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Weight 400 g



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