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Cosmetic Making Diploma In-Class Course


Diploma Course – Cosmetic Making for Making a Complete Line of Skin, Hair and Body Care Products including Makeup.

The diploma course is done in two sections:

Section 1 is the workshops which can be taken in-class.

In-class for section 1 has the extra bonus for the opportunity to learn hands-on directly under Jan Benham’s professional 40 years of experience and guidance, also to share experiences with fellow students and/or hobbyists during this time.

Section 2 is the Aromatology section – (Science and chemistry of Botanicals) and is only done as home study and can be taken either before or after section 1 has taken place. This takes approximately 200 hours of home study for the average student.

Section 2 is exempt for the cosmetic making diploma course for those who are already qualified Professional Aromatherapists.

Instructor: Jan Benham​​​​​​​

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Section 1 Workshops:

  • Aromatherapy – How to use essential oils in skin, hair and body care products
  • The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making
  • Making Hair Shampoo and Conditioners (taught at the end of the creamy craft of cosmetic making)
  • The Art of Making Mineral Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Foundations Liquid and Pressed
  • The Art of Making Eye Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Blushers and Bronzers
  • The Art of Making Lip Makeup

A diploma is granted upon completion of all the workshops listed above, completion of the Aromatology and examinations.



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Cosmetic Making Diploma Course This course was fantastic, I learnt so much and look forward to taking more courses

Review By Karen from UK posted on the 06/07/2012

Cosmetic Making Diploma Course After finishing the Cosmetic Making workshops with Jan Benham in Toronto in 2011, I was immediately filled with a new purpose in life. To rid my own cupboards from any harmful cosmetics and products in my house and then to start on all of my friends cupboards as well. Not only was the course a ton a fun but it was enlightening to see how simple it is to make products that are not only free from harmful chemicals but actually work better than the commercial brands. Jan is a force to reckon with. Her expertise and confidence showered us little fledglings and by the end of the course I was feeling quite capable and ready to begin an endeavor of my own. I found myself enthusiastically whipping up creams and lotions, shampoos and lipsticks and giving them away as Christmas presents. Word spreads fast when there is a great new healthy product to be found and Jan Benham’s recipes are above and beyond any others I have tried.

Review By Esther Squires from Newfoundland, Canada posted on the 08/07/2012

Cosmetic Making Diploma Course I have been having sensitive skin and tried a lot products that is saying “for sensitive skin” or “gentle on skin”… But I found even those products which are for sensitive skin, they contain a numbers of dangerous chemical ingredients. As I had been studying about skin to improve my troubles, I start thinking like “do my skin need those icky artifitial perfumes?” or ” what helps those vivid colors?” Then, I started making my own basic cosmetics with natural ingredients. And I had a oppotunity to go Aroma Shoppe in Toronto. The classes were so much fun, going to back yard and find some herbs, and make lotions out of those herbs or making eye shadows with your favorite colors is like magic of colors, and soap making with real orange slices or lavender buds is like craving cakes. I also learned much about Aromatherapy and its history. This helps my cosmetic making a lot. I am in Toronto and keep practicing Aromatherapy and cosmetic making. I started selling my products as custom orders for my friends, and I am now having confidence to start my own cosmetic brand to help people who has same problems on skins with natural way. My cosmetic brand name is “Nadeshico” which is Japanese cute flower often used for beautiful lady metaphorically. Class of 2010

Review By Wakaba from Japan now in Toronto, Canada posted on the 21/07/2012

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