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The Aroma Shoppe presents a brand new webshop platform that offers overview and convenience. The service you have come to expect from us is an absolute priority. We therefore proudly present our webshop. A platform that allows us to offer you our customers the service that you deserve.



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Course Schedule 2024

Learn how to make your own cosmetics including makeup. All courses are conducted in English and are presented by Jan Benham


These classrooms are open for students who are currently enrolled in the workshops and courses.

“How to” Recipes

Want to Make Your Own Cosmetics? It’s easier than you think.
In this link, there are a number of healthy recipes for you to make including natural deodorants

MSDS & COA information

Link to download MSDS & COA information

How to Make Basic White Lotion?

What are Hydrolats?

What is Mica?

About The Aroma Shoppe

Established in 1986 by Jan Benham, the Institute of Aromatherapy is a renowned institution committed to delivering exceptional education and training in the field of Holistic Studies and Natural Skin Care.

In 1996, the Aroma Shoppe was established as a complementary venture, specializing in providing all the necessary ingredients for creating Aromatherapy products and natural cosmetics.

We take pride in offering globally accredited courses in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skin Care, and Cosmetic Making through our partnership with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). As the largest and leading professional association for complementary, beauty, and sports therapists in the UK and Ireland, FHT recognition ensures the highest standards of education and professional development.

Our diverse range of courses includes the popular Cosmetic Making Diploma Course, which equips individuals with the skills to create their own personalized skin, hair, and body care products, as well as cosmetics like lipsticks, cosmetic pencils, mascara, foundations, eyeshadows, and blushers.

For passionate DIY enthusiasts, the Aroma Shoppe is a haven. We offer an extensive selection of cosmetic making books, equipment, and packaging materials to cater to your creative endeavors. From lipstick molds to elegant tubes, we have everything you need to bring your cosmetic ideas to life, whether you’re producing a small batch or embarking on large-scale production.

The Aroma Shoppe also stocks a wide range of organic ingredients, including natural colorants like carmine and mica, as well as natural emulsifying wax and seaweed extracts. These premium resources allow you to customize and enhance your own cosmetics, and we even provide the latest anti-aging recipes featuring seaweed in cosmetics.

We understand the needs of both aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners. That’s why we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Our wholesale prices ensure that you can access affordable supplies and ingredients, empowering you to pursue your passion and succeed in the dynamic world of holistic and natural skincare.


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