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The Art of Perfume Making – Digital Online


In this workshop, learn how to make your own natural perfume using natural essential oils

The Tutorial includes:

  • Printable handouts of downloadable note with expert tips
  • Direct access to speak to Jan herself via telephone, email or Zoo
  • Unlimited classroom access


What is perfumery? What are perfume oils and flower waters and how are they made? What do perfumes do for us mentally, emotionally and physically, and how do we know this traditionally and scientifically.

Flirt with the secret art of perfume making using a selection of top, heart and base notes on this fun course where you’ll learn how to make your own signature scent.
Take home with you your perfume, a luxurious scented room spray or diffuser and other scented products. Relax in a hot bath exquisitely scented with your favourite essential oils and seasoned with lavish ingredients to pamper and soothe you.
Workshop content:

  • Introduction and explanation of products you’ll be using.
  • Decoding chemical compounds used in perfume making
  • Perfumes for mental and emotional well-being
  • Essential oils – therapeutic properties
  • Essential oils – Top, heart & Base notes
  • Blending and mixing aromas
  • Diluting your blends
  • Creating a scented bath / massage oil
  • Making room scents
  • Create a solid perfume
  • Create your perfume in oil or alcohol.

This also gives the Aromatherapist the chance to work with essential oils such as Mimosa absolute, Gardenia or lotus absolute etc that he/she does not normally get the opportunity to work with.

At the end of each course, the tutor will suggest some practical studies (final evaluation) to apply the knowledge learned during the training.
Once this has been completed, the candidate will receive a certificate that accredits the accomplishment of the course, which will then be sent by email.

The course is designed to last: Distant learning 8 hours over 4 weeks and for In-class studies 1 day.

Jan will set tasks to be completed in the students own time.
Students will be accompanied by Jan herself throughout the learning process.

Students will be able to ask questions and verify the formulas they create by e-mail.
Enrolment will remain valid for a period of one year from the start of the course.


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