The workshops are taken as distance home study.


  • Aromatherapy – How to use essential oils in skin, hair and body care products
  • The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making
  • Making Hair Shampoo and Conditioners
  • The Art of Making Mineral Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Foundations Liquid and Pressed
  • The Art of Making Eye Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Blushers and Bronzers
  • The Art of Making Lip Makeup

Distance learning is conducted year-round.

A diploma is granted upon completion of all the workshops listed above.

When taking the distance learning program, you will be sent kits containing all the ingredients, pressing tools and professional makeup containers in order to be able to complete the above workshops.

Equipment needed for the diploma program:
Electric Coffee grinder
Accurate Scale to 1g if possible – A postal scale is the most accurate
Small pyrex heat resistant beakers 100ml size and 40/50ml size
2 Small regular saucepans
Measuring spoons
Protective mask and surgical gloves

Instructor: Jan Benham​​​​​​​