In-class takes 7 days and if taken as home study takes approximately 75 hours.

In-class also has the extra bonus for the opportunity to learn hands-on directly under Jan Benham’s professional 35 years of experience and guidance, also to share experiences with fellow students and/or hobbyists during this time.


  • Aromatherapy – How to use essential oils in skin, hair and body care products
  • The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making
  • Making Hair Shampoo and Conditioners (taught at the end of the creamy craft of cosmetic making)
  • The Art of Making Mineral Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Foundations Liquid and Pressed
  • The Art of Making Eye Makeup
  • Advanced Makeup – Blushers and Bronzers
  • The Art of Making Lip Makeup

A diploma is granted upon completion of all the workshops listed above.

Instructor: Jan Benham​​​​​​​