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Balance Violet Mica


Balance Violet: Subtle interference

  • Supports mattifying effect
  • 3-5% in formulations for strong effects
  • Adds freshness to slightly darker, yellow based Latin skin type
  • For Asian skin types, recommend 1.5% Balance Violet and 1% Balance Blue in formulations


Skin Tone Correction with Impact Colour Pigments
Our family of Balance Micas are all white-appearing powders which have a unique hue (gold, red, green, violet, or blue). These balance colours are also known as “interference” or “splendid” colours.

For a long time, interference pigments have been widely known as ingredients in foundations that enable effective, yet discreet skin tone correction.

However, interference pigments usually reflect light in a way that adds lustre to the skin – an effect not always desired when applying a liquid or powder foundation.

The Aroma Shoppe balance colours help to overcome this challenge: They immediately enhance beauty, providing a natural, healthy look without masking the natural complexion.

The Aroma Shoppe balance colours are off-white powders based on small-size mica (< 15 um) and a proprietary coating effect technology using TiO2 and SnO2. the transparent matte colours provide intense colour effects that are ideal to create a natural complexion without any mask-like results.

The pigment composition is purely inorganic and thanks to their small particle size they have a pleasant powdery dry and soft feeling on the skin.

Your Benefits:
* Low Luster: Balance Colours minimize shiny skin
*Transparency: Balance Colours optimize coverage versus transparency
*Skin Tone Correction: Balance Colours balances uneven skin tone and conceals skin imperfections.

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