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Carmine Powder
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Carmine has been an extremely popular colour through the ages, for example, it was used by the Aztecs for dyeing and painting.

In modern times, its main uses are to colour food and beverages (such as juice, campari, ice cream and yogurt) and to colour cosmetics such as lipsticks and lip balms, rouges and eyeshadow.

Our customers often ask for a “Natural Red Colour” to use in cosmetics and toiletries. Carmine is by far the best option. However, its one drawback is that it is obviously not a “vegan” option.

Carmine is expensive due to world wide shortages, but it is also very intense and a little should go a long way.

Regulation status: Suitable for use in cosmetic products as defined by European regulation 1223/2009/EC and by the Code of Federal Regulation 21CFR.

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