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Cool Pearl – Impact Coloured Pigment


Cool Pearl is a warm sand colour, gives a matte finish



Past Reviews
Good colour blend with a bit of natural looking shimmer. Very pleased with this – I’ve used it to make a mineral foundation in a cool ivory colour. I’m quite pale so usually a colour like this would be far too dark, however my mineral make up base has a heck of a lot of titanium dioxide in it so it’s worked out perfectly.

I then used some of my mineral foundation to make a cream to powder foundation today and this has worked well. The only addition I needed to get a perfect colour using the Cool Pearl base was a small amount of yellow iron oxide.  Jane | South Somerset UK | July 2022

About Impact Coloured Pigments

Impact Coloured Pigments provide intense and dramatic colours to many types of cosmetic and personal care products.

Impact pigments can be used alone, blended together or added as accents to other colours. They add depth and highlights to eye shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail enamels, shampoos, soaps and many other personal care formulations.

The impact colour pigments are much more effective than the Mica colours in makeup. Especially suitable for use in lipstick as they have superb colour staying power. Use as is or mix with other micas and oxides in: Lipsticks, Cosmetic Pencils, Eye Liner, Mascara, Eye shadows etc.

100% natural and totally free from dyes FD&C, D&C and Lakes.

Manufactured in the EU.

All of these colours are safe to use on Lips, Eyes, Face and Nails.

These Pigments are manufactured to meet the regulations of the FDA, EU and Japanese Ministry of Health and have not been tested on animals

Statement: We have received enquiries from some customers who are quite rightly concerned about child labour practices relating to the mining of mica in India. We never have and nor do we now source or stock any products at all from India. You can rest assured that any product you may purchase in this store has not been the subject of child labour or animal testing.

Additional information

Weight N/A

INCI Name: Iron Oxides (CI 7791, CI 77492, CI 77499), Mica (CI 77019)



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