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Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener


This premium sharpener, made in Europe, is adaptable for almost all cosmetic pencil sizes. It has a dual action -sharpens cosmetic pencils to a precise point or rounded, depending upon the application, includes a cleaning tool and a dual shaving collection chamber.

A must-have for every makeup kit and cosmetic case! The enclosed chamber makes for sharpening-on-the-go clean and easy – keeping your lip and eye pencils perfectly pointed!


Why individual point Shaping? Cosmetic pencils used for lipsticks and Kajal eye pencils have a very soft cosmetic formula, which is best applied with a short tip for the delicate areas of facial skin. however pencils such as brow pencils, have very hard wax base and need to be sharpened to a sharp, pointed tip, for effective application.

With the accent makeup sharpener, you can individualize the tip of your pencil by shaping it either for shading in broad areas of skin or for creating fine accents and lines.

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