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Fennel sweet – Foeniculum vulgare


Latin Name: Foeniculum vulgare
Origin: France
Method of Extraction: Distillation
Odour: Aniseedy, spicy, warm, sweet, like licorice

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Main Therapeutic Properties
The Digestive system: The best oil for constipation. Apply directly on stomach along large colon. It is a tonic to liver, helpful in ridding the body of toxins.
The Endocrine system: Can have a balancing effect on hormones.
The Muscular system: Useful in bath for muscular aches and pains (dilute in oil first!)
The Reproductive system: Said to have similar properties as estrogen. Can regulate menstruation as well as reduce symptoms of menopause. A powerful galactogogue, can ease PMS.
The Respiratory system: Useful expectorant, bronchitis, use with another expectorant.
The Skin: Tones Hand helps to keep wrinkles at bay, also helpful for sluggish gray skin, can help detox the skin.
The Urinary system: Tonic to the kidneys.

The above information is from The Institute of Aromatherapy – Aromatology Theory Course, Materia Medica

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