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Jasmine Absolute – Jasminium grandiflorum


Latin Name: Jasminum grandiflorum
Country of origin: Egypt
Extraction Method: Solvent extraction or Enfleurage
Odour: Rich, floral, fruity, heady, exotic

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Information from Aromatology Theory Course Materia Medica

Main Therapeutic Properties
The Reproductive system: The most powerful galactogogue which helps release the flow of milk caused by engorgement. (Native Polynesian tribes are known to hang a necklace of Jasmine around the neck of a nursing mother who is suffering from engorgement of the breast). Jasmine is thought to increase sperm count in men and for treating sexual issues such as frigidity and impotence. Useful during childbirth, hastens contractions especially when combined with other essential oils such as Clary sage. Helps relieve spasms in the uterus. Can be used to lessen symptoms which often accompany PMS or menstruation.
The Respiratory system: Said to help regulate breathing, calming the breath during anxiety or stressful situations; relieves tension in respiratory passageways, relieves coughs, helpful when a dry irritating cough is present.
The Skin: Used in low dilution’s to work with dry sensitive skins, soothing to the skin, can increase skin elasticity, softens scar tissue.
Psychology of: Excellent in the treatment of depression. Calming and warming.

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