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Ingredient Kit for the “Learn How to Make Mineral Makeup” e course


The course doesn’t include the ingredients that you will need to make the mineral makeup. So we have put together a kit that gives more than enough product for the student to complete the course.

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In the original e course, we included a kit as part of the course, see video attached. As some students already have some of the ingredients we decided to take out the ingredients sent in the past to the student as part of the course. This makes it a lot cheaper for the student. But if you do need the ingredients we do offer the following kit.

Included in the mineral makeup kit:

100g Titanium dioxide
100g Zinc oxide
100g Rice powder
100g Kaolin clay
100g Magnesium stearate
100g Satin pearl mica
1 tsp/sample Mica and Methicone
1 tsp/sample silica
1 tsp/sample Ultra silk Mica
100g sericite mica
2 tsps. of each of the Balance Micas
Oxides 10g each of: Red, Black, Brown, Blue, Green and Yellow.
Mica colours 25g of each:
Chocolate Sparkle mica
Cinnabar Mica
Dazzling Pink Mica
Fine Gold Mica
Imperial topaz
Imperial citrine
Moroccan Velvet Mica
Peachy Pink Mica
Peacock blue mica
Pearl nude mica
Pearl White Mica
Simmering Cerise Mica
True Red mica
Professional makeup jars: 6 x small sifter pots, 6 x 20ml sifter pots and 3 mini scoops.



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