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Nettle Extract – Urtica Dioica


Nettle – Urtica Dioica is commonly referred to as stinging nettles.

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The Nettle extract contains many unique compounds that make it such a potent, herbal remedy. For starters, it is heavily concentrated with vitamins C, E and serotonin. Other rare compounds of Nettle extract include formic acid and choline. Typical plant compounds like flavonoids, trace minerals, carotenoids and lecithin further add to the anti-inflammatory properties of Nettle extract. The extract contains some fatty acids or lipids that render its consistency similar to that of sebum that is found in human scalp. This ensures that Nettle extract is readily absorbed by the scalp.

Nettle extract is among the most effective of herbal remedies recommended for arresting balding patterns. In fact, it is said it can reduce baldness that is commonly induced by genetic traits and alopecea. Nettle extract is able to arrest such challenging balding patterns because it renders an enzymatic and hormonal action.

Nettle is also used to control dandruff and to make hair more glossy.
We use the nettle extract in our shampoo, conditioners and treatments for hair care.

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INCI name: Urtica dioica



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