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Oakmoss Absolute – Evernia prunastri 50% in Jojoba


Latin Name: Evernia prunastri
Country of origin: France
Extraction Method: Solvent extraction
Odour: dry, woody, and resinous facets reminiscent of bark and pine

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Oakmoss absolute is used mainly in perfume, originates from France and is extracted from a light green lichen found growing primarily on oak trees, and sometimes on other species.

Oakmoss has an arid, natural aroma infused with the essence of rugged terrain and the great outdoors. Opening with a harmonious blend of dry, woody, and resinous facets reminiscent of bark and pine, it gradually unveils a velvety tapestry of moss, aged wood, decaying foliage, earthy fungus, and damp soil. Its profound and enigmatic character captivates the senses, invoking a sense of intrigue and mystery. This fragrance possesses exceptional longevity and serves as a remarkable anchor, lingering on the skin with remarkable strength.”

As well as perfumes, oakmoss is used in potpourri, skin and body care products, body fragrances, bath oils etc

Oakmoss absolute blends well with neroli (orange blossom), lavender, geranium, cypress, patchouli and other citrus essential oils.
The concrete is diluted to 50% in Jojoba oil

Safety: Oakmoss absolute is known to be a dermal sensitizer, is mildly toxic, and mucous membrane irritant. Oakmoss absolute should not be used on those suffering from epilepsy or who are pregnant. Dilute well before use.

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