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Purèz Phytotherapy Toning Lotion 100ml


100% Natural Our organic toner contains a blend of Cucumber, Witch Hazel and Rose Water, along with Geranium and Lavender essential oils to help soothe, close pores, purify skin, balance skin’s acid mantle (pH factor). restore, stimulate circulation and refine texture.

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Main ingredient: Distillate from the organically grown Cucumis sativus from Dutch.

PURÈZ products do NOT contain: parabens, synthetic preservatives, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, paraffin, silicone and petroleum products.

Geranium Essential Oil
Geranium essential oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and cleansing. The oil balances every skin type. Oily skin, dry skin, it doesn’t matter geranium oil. Geranium oil balances your sebum production to the level your skin needs. a soft and restorative effect on your skin.

Rosa damascena distillate (Rose water from the Damascus Rose)
A rose extract is distilled from the rose petals of the Damascus rose, which is then added to the facial cleanser. As the gentlest of all astringent products, rose water is often used as a skin toner or an anti-aging ingredient in face creams. Pure rose water smells wonderful and keeps your skin healthy and fresh without drying it out.

Cucumber hydrosol
Cucumber hydrosol helps well against swollen eyes, bags under the eyes and against burning and dermatitis. This is explained by the ascorbic acid and caffeic acid in the cucumber hydrolate. These active substances prevent water retention. Cucumber hydrosol contains vitamin B1, vitamin C, silicon, potassium and magnesium. From oily to sensitive skin, cucumber hydrosol offers softness and healing for every skin type.

A fun fact:
Is that the PH value of cucumber has the same value as that of human skin. For this reason, cucumber hydrosol can be used very well to stabilize and heal disturbed skin. Cucumber hydrolate has an anti-inflammatory effect and keeps the skin supple, soft and firm. Sensitive skin recovers from the soft cucumber hydrolate. By regularly using cucumber hydrolate, the skin is optimally hydrated and the elasticity of the skin is increased. The ligans in the cucumber hydrolate stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. With daily use, cucumber hydrolate can prevent and reduce stretch marks and helps against pigment spots and makes the skin fuller and firmer.

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Aqua rosae, BIO, Bulgaria and Cucumis sativus, BIO, Dutch – traditionally distilled. Ingredient from controlled organic cultivation Cucumis sativus*, Rosa damascena flower extract*, Aqua, Hamamelis virginiana* and the essential oils of Pelargonium graveolens*, Lavendula angustifolia*, linalool* and geraniol*.
Ingredient from controlled organic cultivation


Use this product daily in the morning and evening for younger looking skin. First use PURÈZ Organic Facial Cleanser  or Cleansing Oil for best results. Then apply the biological balancing toner with the spray on the skin of your face, neck and décolleté. Then dab the face with two damp cotton balls. Then use the organic care from the Purèz line. Purèz toners are intended to be sprayed directly onto the skin. So no cotton pads are needed! The basis of the ingredients ensures that the skin is immediately hydrated. If you apply your cream directly over this, you will see that your cream is absorbed much better. In the end you really need less product! We recommend the Phytotherapy Eye and Face cream for extremely sensitive skin.


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