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The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible e book by Jan Benham


This is a book on how to make a complete skin, body and hair care line including: Hair shampoos and conditioners, skin care products including cleansers, toners and moisturisers, body lotions, hand and foot care products and lip balms using only pure and natural ingredients.


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Anti-ageing, Neck firming, Rosacea and various skin care treatments using essential oils and other natural ingredients are covered. Also included are recipes for natural sun screens, insect repellents and deodorants.

Presented with witty and straight forward advice for body care that includes suggestions to soothe the soul and stimulate the mind.

Imagine a healthy and youthful complexion for yourself, family and friends.
Imagine the security of knowing you’re applying healthy substances onto your skin.
Imagine the satisfaction of making your own cosmetics.

Turn these skills into an enjoyable hobby, as you create cosmetics for family and friends, giving them unique and treasured gifts. This could even be the start of a business opportunity if you want to turn craft into cash.



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