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Basil Linalol – Ocimum basilcum


Latin Name: Ocimum basilcum
Origin: Egypt
Method of Extraction: Distillation
Odour: Sweet, spicy, fresh

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Ocimum basilcum Main Therapeutic Properties
The Circulatory system: Stimulating, detoxing, warming
The Digestive system: Aids in detoxing, cleansing colon, elimination, also soothes nausea.
The Endocrine system: Could help to regulate menstruation.
The Muscular system: Aids the elimination of uric acid, good for muscular fatigue & muscular spasms.
The Nervous system: Clearing to the mind, calming anxiety or excess thinking.
The Reproductive system: Galactogogue, treat engorgement
The Respiratory system: Warming and expectorant properties make it useful for bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, influenza and catarrhal conditions, said to aid the restoration of our sense of smell after cold or flu.
The Skin: Stimulates local circulation, good for smoker’s skin, grayish complexion, congested skin.
Psychology of: Uplifting, warming, calming to excessive thinking or repetitive thoughts, anti-depressant.

The above information is from The Institute of Aromatherapy – Aromatology Theory Course, Materia Medica

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