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Bay – Pimenta racemosa


Latin Name: Pimenta racemosa
Extraction method: Distillation
Country of Origin: West Indies.
Odour: woody, masculine, clove-like smell

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Bay essential oil is extracted from the dried leaves and berries of the bay rum tree. A native of South America, it is now grown in Barbados, Jamaica and throughout the West Indies.

West Indian bay leaves have traditionally been steeped in rum to make hair tonic. It is mildly antiseptic and helps treat or greasy hair flaky scalps.The essential oil has a woody, masculine, clove-like smell and is both warming and stimulating. It is antiseptic and has astringent properties.

In aromatherapy Bay essential oil is excellent as a scalp stimulant removing grease from hair and bringing blood to the skin surface, It is also good for poor circulation, cellullite or muscular aches.

USES: Massage, inhalation, compress, poultice. Bay essential oil is best used well diluted with a friction massage to increase the circulation-boosting effects, particularly on the scalp, across stiff, tense shoulders aching muscles or areas of cellulite, and to warm winter-chilled hands or feet can be inhaled with steam to relieve nose, throat or chest infections.

CAUTION: Bay essential oil should be used in moderation only as it can irritate the mucous membrane.

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