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Black Pepper – Piper nigrum


Latin Name: Piper nigrum
Extraction method: Distillation
Origin: Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar
Odour: Pungent, peppery, spicy, warm

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Black Pepper Main Therapeutic Properties
The Circulatory system: Very helpful for sluggish circulation, chilblains, fatigue, sensitivity to cold
The Digestive system: Stimulates the flow of saliva which, aids in the breakdown of food which is good for indigestion, encourages peristaltic movement, can help with flatulence, can restore tone to colon.
The Muscular system: Toning to muscle’s, stimulates contraction of muscle, also this oil is good for stimulating circulation and therefore increases excretion of uric acid, helpful for muscular aches and pains after exertion. Also mixed with Rosemary is useful to apply before exercise.
The Respiratory system: Useful support oil for expectorants such as Eucalyptus, especially when ‘cold’ (as opposed to heat) is present.
The Urinary system: Promotes the elimination of urine and aids the kidney functions.
Psychology of: Stimulating. Black pepper gives stamina when someone is tired.

The above information is from The Institute of Aromatherapy – Aromatology Theory Course, Materia Medica

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