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Cedarwood – Cedrus atlantica


Latin Name: Cedrus atlantica
Extraction Method: Steam distilled from the wood stumps and chippings from commercial cedarwood production.
Country of Origin: Morocco
Odour: Balsamic undertones and a camphorous odour
Precautions: Avoid use during pregnancy

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Cedarwood Main Therapeutic Properties

  • Anti-infectious – helps the body strengthen immunity and throw off the illness
  • Antiseptic – assists in fighting germs/infections (urinary, pulmonary)
  • Astringent – contracts and tightens tissue/ bacteriostatic (inhibits)
  • Diuretic – decongesting for lymph and veins
  • Expectorant – removes excess mucus from respiratory system
  • Insecticide – insect repellent
  • Mucolytic – breaks down mucus (pulmonary)
  • CNS tonic, sedative
  • Tonifying to the veins and lymph

Emotional and Energetic Qualities

  • Increases strength and endurance during difficult times
  • Encourages the ability to hold steady and persevere
  • Supports confidence in challenging situations
  • Grounding


The above information is from The Institute of Aromatherapy – Aromatology Theory Course, Materia Medica

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