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Hair Conditioning Emulsifying wax


This hair conditioning wax is an emulsifying wax with some good detangling properties. Emulsify means it helps water and oil to mix. It emulsifies both oils and silicones very well and is a very commonly used ingredient in conditioners.

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INCI Name – Cetearyl alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate – BTMS 25

Its usage rate in hair products is normally 5 to 10%.

Emulsifying wax is normally composed of a cetearyl alcohol or a cetyl alcohol. These are fatty alcohols derived by combining natural oils with fats. The fats are necessary to stabilize and thicken the desired formulation.

On their own cetearyl alcohol and a cetyl alcohol do not actually bind oils to water, however, once this combination has been made they prevent the fused molecules from separating. Both these fatty alcohols help to make combing easier. So if your hair is as tangle prone as mine this is an ingredient you definitely want to see on the bottle.

Behentrimonium methosulfate is derived from rapeseed oil (it’s a cationic quaternary compound).

This wax that melts into boiling water, stir to cool, add natural preservative and herbal extracts, essential oils etc, bottle.

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