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Marjoram Sweet – Origanum marjorana


Latin Name: Origanum marjorana
Extraction method: Distillation
Origin: France
Odour: Spicy, herbaceous

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Marjoram Main Therapeutic Properties
The Circulatory system: Aids in lowering blood pressure
The Digestive system: Treats colic, indigestion, constipation and excess gas.
The Endocrine system: Helpful in regulating menstrual cycle, calming to period cramps.
The Muscular system: Reduces muscular spasms. Soothes muscular aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism, spasms, sprains and strains (use with compress).
The Nervous system: Good in treating hypertension, insomnia, nervous tension and stress, stimulates parasympathetic nervous system, also has a regulatory function of the CNS, sedative, warming.
The Respiratory system: Aids inflammation and spasms brought on by bronchitis, asthma, and dry coughs.
The Skin: Helpful in treating bruises (use with St. Johns wort base or arnica.
Psychology of: Sedative, calming, grounding.

The above information is from The Institute of Aromatherapy – Aromatology Theory Course, Materia Medica

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