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The Art of Making Soap e book by Jan Benham


Make Your Own Natural Soap

The Jan Benham Guide to the Art of Making Soap shows you in a step-by-step guide how to make your own soap using botanicals and gentle surfactants. Three unique base soap formulas with four suggested variations. All formulas are preservative free and have shelf life of at least 1 year.


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Why make your own soap?

I see ‘natural soaps’ sold all the time in craft fairs and shops, plus courses abound in how to make your own soap. Unfortunately, most of these soaps are not natural even though they are tooted as such!

What is this ‘natural’ soap? Well, it is called melt and pour, made primarily from sodium lauryl sulphate, it is usually brightly coloured with FC&D dyes made from petroleum by-products. That strong smell? Synthetic fragrances.

One reason for making your own soap, is that most commercially sold soaps are really more detergents than soaps. Detergents for the most part are made up of petroleum by-products, foaming agents and alcohols. They are usually perfumed with artificial fragrances and laden down with preservatives so not to spoil. Because of this, commercial soap often irritates the skin and can cause allergic reactions.

There are so many people around with allergies nowadays, perhaps you are one of those people? With making your own soap you will know exactly what is in it. Using only pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils, natural colourants such as infused carrot root oil, herbs and organic ethically sourced vegetable oils, such as coconut and olive. You can create a product that is safe, environmentally friendly and pure.

Last but not least! I find that making soap is therapeutic, it brings out your creativity. You have to concentrate fully, ‘silencing the mind’ when making soap, so it is quite meditative.

Do you wish to take in-class studies?

Join Jan – Director of the Aroma Shoppe and institute of Aromatherapy – for a class in making cold-process herbal and vegetable based soaps. Together we shall make an excellent basic herbal soap recipe and a batch of a surprise exotic soap. We shall explore different ingredients, methods and sources that you might use to make a variety of exciting soaps.



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